OOfos sandals

“I have been recommending Oofos sandals to my patients (and family/friends) for several years. Enjoy the most comfortable sandals you’ve ever worn! But just remember, I recommend them for home use only!” – Dr. Singh

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Amazon Recommendations

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These items from Amazon are intended for patients who have been evaluated by Dr. Singh in clinic, and have been given recommendations for specific products for them.

Urea Cream

Collagen Powder

Toe Spacer 1

Toe Spacer 2

Toe Spacer 3

Toe Spacer 4

Toe Sleeve

Metatarsal Pad 1

Metatarsal Pad 2

Arch Sleeve with Pad 1

Arch Sleeve with Pad 2

Mepilex Border

Heel Protectors

Compression Socks

Fracture Boot